PokéCrawl Adelaide, 23/07/2016

A social media experiment with, from conception to event, a two week deadline. Although I had planned much smaller pubcrawls in Adelaide during my time at Uni, this was a hugely surreal and exciting experience once the Facebook event 'went viral'.

Within the first two days of the app coming out, I believed that a pubcrawl would be an experience that would get a lot of attention from those playing and decided that if I didn't host something, then somebody else will. It wasn't something I thought I would profit from, and although I was able to cover the costs of what I spent on prize giveaways, wristbands and time spent organising, after recently completing my Diploma of Event Management I really just wanted to see if I could pull the damn thing off! 

The huge response was something I expected but not something that I had experienced before, and once the rest of Adelaide got a hold of it I pulled every single resource and waking hour (which wasn't many as I work full-time) I could to bring to life an event I really wanted to enjoy.

Lava Nightclub and Hampshire Cider House got in contact with me over the two weeks leading up to the event, and after contacting Venue Managers from pubs and bars around the Adelaide CBD the Saracens Head, Producers Bar and Pirie & Co. all got involved. All venues had amazing drink specials and designed Pokémon themed cocktails or shots to serve to those on the pubcrawl!

The feedback from Venue Managers was overwhelmingly positive, with keen interest for future events.

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Tickets sold: 257
Tickets given away: 50


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