From the 6th to the 9th of March in 2015 I was invited by Helpmann Academy to show a selection of my artworks from my 108 series at the WOMADelaide festival. As part of the exhibition those involved were able to do live painting demonstrations. Over the weekend I created A2 sized watercolour artworks inspired by the "Colour of Time", a part of the festival where people participate in a Indian style dye throwing parade. 


On Februrary 6 2015 I was asked to showcase prints from my 108 series at RAW:Adelaide at the Producers Bar on Grenfell Street in Adelaide's CBD. RAW:artists is a fantastic platform for all different kinds of up-and-coming artists to be able to show what they do to a large audience. 

The photos below are from the night and for more information please visit rawartists.org